Cyd’s Crew for Charity

Did you know every time you shop in Cyd’s + toss your extra change in the jars by the registers in our Market or Cafe, or you leave a tip on the table for the Cafe servers, 100% of our tips go to a charity of our staff’s choice? It’s a great way we can give back to our community or, help those in need + be involved in some great local events + organizations.

Here’s a list of our recent donations:

JANUARY + FEBRUARY: Salvation Army: $387.00
MARCH: South Side Office for Concern: $331.00
APRIL + MAY: Look It’s My Book: $643
JUNE: CCFA: Crohn’s + Colitis Foundation: $233
JULY + AUGUST: Center for Prevention of Abuse: $501
SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER: Heart to Heart International Hurricane Relief: $543
NOVEMBER + DECEMBER: Crittenton Centers: $500
May 2018-Dec 2018: Peoria Park District: $1500
JANUARY+FEBRUARY: Center for Prevention of Abuse: $520

Have a charity you’d like to suggest to the Cyd’s Crew for a monthly donation? We’d love to hear about it! We do try our best to keep our donations close to home- of course there are times when places further away get our monthly vote, like Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Recovery effort, but we’re always open to suggestions! Please e-mail us at