Meet Cyd


30 years of serving uncomplicated but delicious whole foods, Cyd Henrikson is a Fresh Food Pioneer in Peoria.   Short + Sweet- Cyd’s philosophy is no substitutes; no shortcuts.   “There’s something really exciting about coaxing out real, natural flavors from food.  When friends taste what looks simple + tastes amazing, the smiles start to shine.  That’s how we have always prepared food at Cyd’s.”

Cyd’s love affair with food began as a child on her family farm in Leland Illinois.  Cyd’s parents were “weekend farmers” always tending a large organic garden, complete with a small herd of livestock the Johnson children often cared for + showed at the local fairs.  Cyd’s mother, Jean, made all her meals from scratch- often from family recipes, using ingredients they grew right on the farm.  Food on their family table tasted like REAL food, and the care it took to prepare it seasoned it perfectly.

A Food + Science degree from Illinois State University originally led Cyd to think of becoming a nutritionist but after an internship at a local catering company- she was hooked on preparing + serving great food to friends.   What began as an afternoon snack soon led to a small cookie baking operation in the back of Metro Centre’s Bagels + More- Cyd’s Cookies were born in 1987.  Delivering her delicious Double Chocolate Chip Cookies to area restaurants, Cyd was establishing a name in the Peoria food scene.  Along the way an idea came to her:  she wanted to make good food easy for Central Illinoisans. Whether they were too busy to cook, needed help with a dinner party, or a special meal to take to a friend in need, Cyd came up with the idea to open a Food Shop + Catering company to offer help.   Cyd’s Sendsational’s, Ltd opened in October of 1988 in the village of Peoria Heights.   From that day on, her passion for good food has never waned.