Cyd’s Cookies

Decorated Cookies
Available in 2 styles, Cyd’s decorated cookies provide the perfect custom touch to any gathering or celebration.  Many shapes available, please ask for your custom quote.

Glazed Cookies: Available in many shapes + sizes, these shortbread cookies are finished with a sugar glaze that sets up perfectly.  Choice for bagging, or stacking, as favors or treats. Pricing starts at $2.75 each.

Frosted Cookies: Also available in many shapes + sizes, Cyd bakes her mother’s recipe for thick + soft sour cream cut out cookies, thick with delicious buttercream frosting.  Pricing starts at $3.50 each.

Cyd’s Famous Cookies

Made 100% from scratch + on-premise, Cyd built her cookie recipes on 30 years of cookie perfection!

9 awesome flavors available daily + seasonal varieties:

  • double chocolate chip [cyd’s signature chocolate chips cookie but amp’d up with chunks of belgian chocolate on top of chocolate chips!]
  • chocolate chip pecan [yep- you guessed it! cyd’s double chocolate with nuts!]
  • chocolate chubbies [gooey chocolate dough with walnuts, pecans & chocolate chunks]
  • old fashioned oatmeal w/ walnuts & raisins [like grandma used to make- buttery oatmeal cookies loaded with nuts & raisins]
  • low fat oatmeal with raisins [lower in fat & minus the nuts- this moist oatmeal cookie is guilt-free & delicious]
  • orange pecan [get out on that limb- try something new! this orange cookie is a sophisticated choice gourmands love!]
  • espresso walnut & chocolate chip [a coffee lovers dream! espresso flavored dough with bittersweet chocolate chips]
  • sugar [this buttery delight is rolled in sugar to ensure it’s potency]
  • peanut butter cup [peanut butter dough with peanut halves & peanut butter cup candies]


  • seasonal varieties:
  • brown sugar glazed pumpkin [soft + delicious, they contain walnuts + raisins: seasonal: available only in september & october]
  • fruit & nut  [apricots, almonds, + pistachios in a shortbread dough. seasonal: available only in november & december]
  • lemon cookies [soft + light, frosted to lemony perfection.  seasonal: available only in summer months]
Cyd’s famous cookies

 Call Cyd’s at [309] 685.1100 to send a gift box of Cyd’s cookies to anywhere in the USA NOW!

Please note our cookies are hand-batched and frosted in a kitchen where nuts, dairy, and wheat are processed.
While we use the best cleaning practices, cross contamination is possible and we do not guarantee our items are 100% allergy free.


Cyd’s thumbprint cookies (without nuts)

Tea Cookies
From the tastiest Thumbprint Cookies in town (available with nutty exterior or without,) to tiny Lemon Drop Cookies, Espresso To-Go, Sand Dollars, Raspberry Ribbons + more… Cyd makes the cookies you can only enjoy with your pinky out.  Perfect for Teas, Receptions, Showers, + any gathering that needs that special home-made touch.

Cyd’s French Macaron gift boxes

French Macaron Cookies
Of course we make the world’s most beautiful cookie!  Available in a rainbow of colors + a host of flavors, Cyd’s from-scratch, almond French Macaron cookies start at $2 per cookie.  They’re also available in a 5-piece gift box for $11.50, or 10-piece gift box for $22.50