Cyds_32Cyd’s Amazing Cookies

Recipes built on 20 years of cookie perfection! 9 awesome flavors available for in town delivery… Or, mail Cyd’s Signature Double Chocolate Chip Cookies anywhere in the world! It’s the perfect gift or favor!
Here’s how you can order cyd’s cookies:

1. Is this for in town delivery? Or, out of town delivery, requiring a delivery service such as UPS?
2. What kind of cookies do you want to send?

For in town delivery, choose from any of the following:

  • double chocolate chip* [cyd’s signature chocolate chips cookie but amp’d up with chunks of belgian chocolate on top of chocolate chips!]
  • chocolate chip pecan* [yep- you guessed it! cyd’s double chocolate with nuts!]
  • chocolate chubbies [gooey chocolate dough with walnuts, pecans & chocolate chunks]
  • old fashioned oatmeal w/ walnuts & raisins [like grandma used to make- buttery oatmeal cookies loaded with nuts & raisins]
  • low fat oatmeal with raisins [lower in fat & minus the nuts- this moist oatmeal cookie is guilt-free & delicious]
  • orange pecan [get out on that limb- try something new! this orange cookie is a sophisticated choice gourmands love!]
  • espresso walnut & chocolate chip [a coffee lovers dream! espresso flavored dough with bittersweet chocolate chips]
  • sugar [this buttery delight is rolled in sugar to ensure it’s potency]
  • peanut butter cup [peanut butter dough with peanut halves & peanut butter cup candies]
  • seasonal varieties:
  • brown sugar glazed pumpkin walnutavailable only in september & october
  • fruit & nut [apricot, & almond, pistachio in a shortbread dough] available only in november & december
    lemon cookiesavailable only in summer months
  • *out of the peoria area, cyd’s only ships double chocolate chip, and chocolate chip pecan by the dozen to ensure against breakage! All other flavors are available for in town delivery only.
3.  Call Cyd’s at [309] 685.1100 to send a gift box of Cyd’s cookies to anywhere in the USA NOW!

(*all orders require a maximum of 2-day shipping to ensure freshness.
*please note Cyd’s prefers to only mail cookies Mon, Tues or Weds. )

*please have the delivery address & phone, form of payment & enclosure card information. we’ll do the rest!

4. Within just two days, the recipient will receive a beautifully wrapped gift box of cookies at their door!
5. You can sit back & wait for your friends to call & thank you for changing their lives.

*yep– they’re that good!